Road to Success

beautiful road


A man asked his teacher, “Sir, can you show me the road to success?”

The teacher did not say anything in reply. Instead he motioned his finger towards a road. The man then ran according to the direction. He wanted to achieve success as soon as possible.

After a few steps, he called out, “This is a dead end”. Indeed, he was correct. In front of him was a big wall which blocked the road. He became stunned and confused. “Dear Sir, maybe I misunderstood you?”

But the teacher kept pointing to the same direction. The man also kept going back to the same direction. But he still found the big wall obstructing the road. He thought, maybe this is a joke after all and he felt cheated.

Frustrated, he told his teacher, “Sir, I have followed your guidance. But I still encounter the dead end. Let me ask you again, which road leads to success? Please don’t just point the direction, speak up!”

The teacher finally spoke, “That is the road to success. Only a few steps behind the wall.”

How do you know that the wall is the end of the road?


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